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State Of The Art Testing Capabilities

With modern software and the ability to build complex test fixtures we locate defective or miss-wired cables instantly. Our cable and harness testers have a unique, patented graphic wiring display to visually pinpoint errors as detected, and offer one-second pass/fail testing results for production environments. Our tester quickly locates intermittent connections and identifies the position in the cable. Expandable up to 1048 test points for large cables and wiring harnesses, and measure cables of up to 1000 feet in length.

With our cable tester, we can set two resistance thresholds, one for good connections down to 0.5 ohms, and one for isolation up to 10 Me ohms. Measure embedded resistors and resistor networks, and check the orientation of diodes.
Our custom testing software and our on-line database stores every user cable mapping, descriptive notes and label text. Capable to search in the database for wiring matches to a measured cable, or by user part number or descriptive text. High-resolution graphic prints provide the hard-copy testing documentation that exceeds ISO certified requirements.

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