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About Us

United Space Coast Cables (USCC)

Manufacturers of custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses

  •  United Space Coast Cables, Inc. (USCC) is a lean manufacturer located in West Melbourne, FL. USCC is recognized for their knowledge and experience in the wire harness and cable assembly industry.
  • An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, USCC’s Quality Management System has embraced the concept that quality is built into every assembly.
  • Our standards are higher: In-process inspection and In-process testing, we 100% Test, and 100% Final Inspect every assembly, with specialized testing services available.
  • USCC is a lean manufacturer which offers engineering prototypes, first articles, complex harnesses and other engineering solutions.

Quality Policy and Objectives
Building partnerships by meeting or exceeding our customer’s requirements!

Wire Harness manufacturing is USCC’s sole business interest; we have no proprietary products competing for our team’s attention on your assemblies. Each commitment made is our most important focus.

USCC’s objectives:

  • Provide on-time delivery of reliable products to our customers.
  • Build partnerships through comprehensive service.
  • Improve the effectiveness and consistency of our organization.



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